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Working Principle:
Heat pipe vacuum tube consists of two parts, all glass evacuated tube and copper heat pipe. Heat is transferred via heat pipe. When super conductive fluid inside copper pipe is heated, it evaporates and transfers energy to its vapour then condenses, and fluid returns to its original position due to gravity.


Quality Control:
Material quality, material treatment and production process are extremely important to the creation of a good quality heat pipe. If the copper contains too much oxygen or other elements, they will leach out into the vacuum forming a pocket of air in the top of the heat pipe. This has the effect of moving the heat pipe's hottest point (of the heat condenser end) downward away from the condenser.
We use Oxygen –Free copper with high quality as material of our heat pipe. Chemical composition is Cu: 99.9%, P: 0.001%, Bi: 0.0006%, Sb: 0.0004%, As: 0.0005%, Fe: 0.002%, Ni: 0.0015%, Pb: 0.0012%, Sn: 0.001%, S: 0.0015%, Zn: 0.001%, O: 0.001%.
Copper pipe’s wall thickness is 0.7mm and copper of condenser head’s thickness is 0.8mm.
Heat pipe is widely used for the following purpose:
1. To get high pressure from thermal solar system.
2. For anti-freezing purpose;
3. To accelerate heat transfor.

Heat pipe for solar collector

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